Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Cat-Astrophic Move

Here at It's Your Move!, we hear from a lot of movers. There's a lot of complaints, gnashing of teeth, and pointing the finger of blame. But it occurs to me that there's another side to the story. Is it possible that maybe the moving companies might have their own stories to tell?

So we went to, a marketplace for movers. "The moving companies listed on our site do the hard work of lifting heavy furniture in hundreds of cities across the country," said Hire-a-Helper's Daniel Horning, "which means they see the full spectrum of panicked customers with interesting stories."

This story comes from Alhood Vanlines LLC, a Denver moving company, and involves a disappearing furry friend. Enjoy!

~ ~ ~

About three weeks ago, here in beautiful Denver, CO, we did a full service move for a young lady. The relocation went very well, and the customer was happy with our services in the end, but there was an issue during the relocation. Pets like to hide or sneak out of homes when we relocate them, so we always recommend putting them in their own room. I received a call from one of my office workers who informed me of an upset customer. He was on the other line with this customer and all I could make out was him telling her "Ma'am we do not have your cat." 

Apparently this customer was convinced that my movers had stolen her cat when they performed her relocation. My movers informed the woman that typically cats will hide under beds, or commonly inside of couches, but the customer did not believe that was the case. She proceeded to call the office back again and informed us that she would be right over and that we were not to allow our movers to exit the truck until she got there.
This person somehow sped to our office and was able to beat our movers back. She asked them to step out of the truck while she searched the cab. She then had them open the back of the truck and searched it thoroughly. Our movers carry tool bags, so she asked them what was in the bag. My movers said, "our tools."

She replied, "Are you sure my cat is not in there?"

She was dead serious. Then she looked down the row of office buildings by our shop and asked, "What is that place?"

My mover answered, "It is a doggie daycare."

To which she replied, "Well, do they buy and sell cats there?"

It was as if she was implying that we had some sort of elaborate, organized cat smuggling ring going on in our spare time and moving furniture was our cover. A day went past and we received another call stating that at this point she was almost 100 percent sure that we had stolen her cat. The same office gentleman stated again "Ma'am, we do not have your cat." She then told him that he must just be covering for our movers because they are related. The gentlemen are, of course, not related and my office staff was a little taken aback by that statement, as they are both of African descent.

Twenty minutes later the lady called back to apologize to us and inform us that she had found her cat, he was in her couch hiding for two days, right where we suggested she look. People definitely take their pets seriously and value them as family, so we tread lightly until they are found.

Just another day for us, but still a funny situation to be in.


If you like Diane's humorous take on moving, you'll love her book Home Sweet Homes: How Bundt Cakes, Bubble Wrap, and My Accent Helped Me Survive Nine Moves.

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