Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Packing Jewelry to Move


Whether you’re moving across the globe or down the street, moving your jewelry requires some attention - not to mention a few empty toilet paper rolls.

Hastily packing your jewelry, or worse yet, putting a loaded jewelry box into a large packing box with other items, are quick fixes that will mean loads more work for you later. Unless you seriously enjoy picking apart a giant ball of necklaces, take a few easy steps to keep your jewelry safe and tangle-free.

Keep jewelry on its display and cover with Glad Press-N-Seal

jewelry move1

Be sure to use the stickiest plastic wrap, and it will require two careful hands. Simply wrap your jewelry tree or hanger with the plastic, horizontally and angled so that all the jewelry is covered. Place the whole shebang carefully in a box and pad it.

Use egg cartons or ice cube trays

jewelry move2

jewelry move6

These small compartments are perfect for rings, earrings, bendy bracelets and necklaces. Load them up and then wrap in plastic wrap.

Cardboard tubes

jewelry move3

jewelry move4

Loop necklaces through a paper towel roll, toilet paper roll or the cardboard tube from a dry-cleaner hanger.

Loop a super sticky Post-It note

photo 3

If you don’t want to unclasp and reclasp necklaces to thread through a tube, just hold 5-6 necklaces together and wrap a looped Post-It note through and stick the ends together, creating a small tube.

Small plastic bags

jewelry move7

What did we do before the invention of snack-sized zip bags? Put individual necklaces and jewelry in a bag - or double up but only with two items that won’t tangle. I try to save the small bags that jewelry comes in and set them aside for my jewelry when traveling.

Use a large pill organizer

jewelry move8

The larger pill organizers will easily hold chains, earrings and other delicate jewelry.

Other tips on moving jewelry

Valuable and heirloom jewelry should be packed into a box and carried with you during your move.

Keeping jewelry in its jewelry box will cause a jumbled mess. If it can’t be kept in place with plastic wrap or another method, repack it, using one of the above methods.

Here are some sources for tips on packing jewelry to move:

Organized 31


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