Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Who Should I Notify of My Change of Address?

You would think that in this digital era where your address is assuming to have an “@“ in it instead of a Zip code, that change-of-address notifications would be obsolete.

You would think.

The reality is the opposite. Because we don’t get much in the mail anymore, we forget how important it is to update our mailing address with credit card companies and others that we do business with.

If you get only occasional snail-mail from a company, you run the risk of getting mail with sensitive financial information long after your mail forwarding has expired, which means personal, private information will go to the current residents of your old address.

After you know what your new address will be, but before you move, make a list of people and companies that will need your new address. Take some time with your list, allowing yourself to remember the more obscure people.

Because your current address needs to be on file

Any bills that you pay onlinebills that you have set up as automatically paid (auto-pay both through the account itself or through your bank), and bills that you receive via email should all be updated with your physical mailing address.

Don’t forget your investment accounts or any other financial institutions that you have accounts with.

Even if you do all of your banking online and haven’t stepped foot into your local branch in years, be sure your bank has your new address and phone number.

Because you’ll need to receive refunds, final bills, and other “closing out” tasks

Leaving town without giving everyone your new address is tantamount to “skipping town,” especially with businesses. Don’t rely on mail forwarding, which adds delays and may cause problems with due dates.

Be sure to notify all of your “old” contacts with your new address:

Utilities at your old house - For refunds of deposits, final bills and other issues in closing out your old account.

Newspapers and other publications delivered to your house

* Your doctors, dentist, and other medical professionals - Even if you’re not a current patient, you always want your health care professionals to be able to reach you.

* Your children’s school - For records, things left behind, and even yearbooks.

* Exterminators, lawn care providers, and other home services - For refunds of deposits, final bills and other issues in closing out your old account.

Because your address is still just plain important

Credit cards - Don’t forget about the cards that you have tucked away in your wallet and rarely use. If you don’t update your address, expiration alerts and other notifications will go undelivered. Not to mention the risk of not receiving a bill, if you should suddenly decide to use it.

New house utilities - This one’s easy. You’ll have to give your new address when you sign up for utilities.

Cell phone provider

Magazines - Changing a magazine delivery address used to be an ordeal that took months to take effect. It’s a lot easier now. Most magazines have online address change forms.

Insurances: Health, Car and Life - Because you aren’t billed very often for insurance premiums,

Car payment - Because many vehicle loans are auto-paid, don’t forget this one.

All loans

The IRS - Uncle Sam needs to know where you live!

The Department of Motor Vehicles - Especially if you’re moving in-state and will keep your state driver’s license, but also if you’re moving out of state and will be delayed in obtaining a new license.

Just because!

If you’re moving anytime in the latter half of the year, you can kill two birds with one stone by including a change of address with your holiday cards.

Then go through your address book or contacts and notify friends and family of your new digs. There are some fun ways to let friends know that you’ve moved. Check these out!

And don’t forget your alma mater! Your high school and college loves to keep track of their grads and will appreciate you keeping them updated.


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